Parent Testimonials

"My kids LOVED this camp. They developed a great interest in the NYC landmarks that they visited, were fascinated by the subway system, and learned some hilarious songs and dances. I was extremely impressed that the camp counselors were experienced & talented teachers from our school."
- Deirdre, mom of twins Aoife and Sorcha age 5

"KidVentures was an amazing experience for my 5 year old daughter. The wonderful thing is that it's not only a fun camp but it's educational at the same time. I couldn't believe it when my daughter was discussing the 5 different boroughs and describing all the different places she visited around New York City during the week. The counselors are fun, responsible and nurturing, I would definitely recommend this camp to everyone!"
–Liz, mom of Emerson age 6

"KidVentures provided my kids with a fun, educational, active NYC experience that takes advantage of so much that this city has to offer.  The program is professionally, run, organized and determined to make sure that every child has a great day.  I think it's a terrific way to send your child to camp in the city."
  -Jen, mom of Ella age 5 and Sam age 6

“I cannot say enough about KidVentures!! My son has attended the camp for 2 summers and 1 winter session and every day that he has been there he comes home with a SMILE!  He loves all of the adventures that he has been on and enjoys talking about them time and time again.  KidVentures is safe and an enjoyable way for children to become "city-savvy"!"
–Andrea Vitale, mom of Lucas age 5

KidVentures was a great learning hands-on experience for my 5-year old daughter.  She explored new things in all 5 boroughs of New York by taking public transportation, walking everywhere, and visiting places that we didn't even know about.  She still talks about her walk over Brooklyn Bridge, touching the animals at the Central Park, Queens and Prospect Park Zoos, and playing in the water at many different parks.”
–Tatiana, mom of Neko age 5

"KidVentures is the greatest day camp for city kids! It is run by the most creative, enthusiastic and energetic teachers that navigate summer fun like pros…the children are carefully cared for with a great ratio of kids to counselors…I’d say she learned a ton!"
Liz, mom of Maddie - age 6

"I could not be more impressed with KidVentures! Lucas had an amazing time every day and with every adventure! He became more talkative about his daily activities and much more in tune with all of his “city” surroundings. It was an incredible experience."
Andrea, mom of Lucas - age 4

"Wilson’s experience at KidVentures was nothing short of amazing. He couldn’t wait to leave the house in the morning. He learned so much about New York City and always came home excited to share what he had learned from his adventures…He made many new friends in the process and grew so much. The counselors were amazing—warm, professional and loving. He can’t wait to return next year. I wish there was an adult version!"
Alison, mom of Wilson – age 4

"Gillian had a blast seeing parts of the city we’ve never even seen ourselves. The flexibility to go week-by-week also made it work really well with our summer plans."
Betsey, mom of Gillian – age 5

"KidVentures is terrific and allows kids to take advantage of all the city has to offer. The days were filled with varied and stimulating activities…Our 4 year old daughter was very happy to be able to see different parts of the city and take different modes of transportation and different subway lines. She came back smiling every day and proud of her adventures!"
Mona, mom of Isa - age 5